Tuesday, 6 July 2010

LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT II, 8" x 6", mixed media on gessoed card, 2010

This is another transformation of my sketches to colour. I worked from memory with some notes I added on my sketch.

Here I used this sketch as a springboard and went a bit wild with my imagination.

This is how I went about it.

1.I sketched the face on a lightly ochre/brown washed toned surface, with a mixture of Terra Rosa and ultramarine blue.

2. Working this way brings an immediate harmony to the piece as the browns and ochers quickly form a warm colour scheme.

3. Then I used very light washes of skin tones to throw the interplay of light and shade on her face.

4. After this I used a very small sable rigger to put the main features in with delicate touches.

5. Now, I added in the dark "hoody" she had on, and the light beige jacket she was wearing, after this it looked OK and I thought it was fine and finished. I had left the background as the initial wash of ochre/brown, but it didn't bring out her face, there was some sort of clash.

6. So I decided to darken the background, that helped a bit. Then I did a bit of
scratching back with my Biro to enhance some lines and her hair.

7. Then I introduced coloured pencil marks when the piece was touch dry. This helped to spice up the value balance and add a varied mark to the oil brush-strokes.

8. Finally I added more wild strokes with my coloured pencil to spice up the background, so it would have a spontaneous effect that goes along with the title I planned to give the piece.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

MISERY, 8" x 8", Mixed Media on Canvas Board, 2010

This is another transformation from black and white to colour, using no colour references but working from memory. What drew me to this man was his interesting features, even though his face looked a bit hardened, there was a bit of beauty in the midst of the storms. I sketched this guy on the 30th of March last month, so his features were still fresh in my mind.

I went about this piece, thus

1. Stain the canvas board with a mixture of burnt sienna and raw umber oil washes

2. When happy with the background staining. I sketch the face in, with my sable brush pointed to give delicate marks of precision.

3. I went on to finish the sketching with oil washes and some thicker paint in the lighter areas, keeping all my colours with a more tonal feel, something I planned to experiment upon.

4. When the oil dried up, I now tried something quite new, I worked back to get the drawing with a ball point pen(bic biro, as I normally call them)I did this also to create some textures and a "etchy feeling" to the surface.

5. After that, I used some brown coloured pencils to add some light and spontaneity to the face, just to create some mood as it was almost lacking a bit of spark.

6. Then it was time to quit before further ruins

Thursday, 4 February 2010

MACKY, 9" x 12", Mixed Media on Paper, 2010

This is another transformation from memory.

This time I actually requested to sketch this homeless guy for an agreed price for just 5 minutes.

The sketch looked very brief but I worked on the colour transformation a bit more.

1. I used a canson orange paper

2. Started sketching with watercolour with a flat sable for the basic parts of this portrait.

3. Start under-painting of the whole face and other features with burnt sienna washes of watercolour and olive green.

4. I introduce chalk pastel with broad strokes all over the face and clothes to block in the initial colours

5.I then move on to wax crayons to add expressive strokes and tie up the structure and harmony of colour all over the piece. I love these wax crayons as they are less messy and reveal more of my passion for linear strokes.

6. I then finish up with a soft black oil base pencil to add more detail and recover some of the drawing that gets lost during the expressive wax technique.

7. Call it quits........