Monday, 13 April 2009

Sweet Memories, 7" x 10", coloured pencil on cardboard, 2009

This is another transformation. I sketched this guy way back last year. He was a black man, so to make this look a bit interesting I decided not to use any of the brown family of colours on this piece.

This was pretty straightforward.

1. Started sketching on a beige mount board with purple coloured pencil

2. Make sure I am satisfied with the drawing, proportion and features

3. Just start to add different colours (all colours apart form the browns) really with no particular order, only that I make sure that it has enough tonal balance through out, putting dark colours for the dark tones and light colours for the light tones.

4. I really start enjoying this and I begin to stroke with some freedom just adding a bit of expressive strokes to "jazz" it up!

5. It is at the very end that I introduce a black coloured pencil to enrich the main sketch lines and outlines of the man.