Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Retrenched, 10" x 8", Mixed Media on canvas board, 2008

This is another transformation. The original sketch was done in may this year. Again, no colour references but just a love and passion for the human face and its ever changing emotions.

This was totally experimental

1. I first sketched in biro.

2. Then washed the tones in with acrylic

3. Then I sanded it

4. Retained the drawing again in biro.

5. Sanded it again

6. Added more washes in acrylic

7. Then I fixed it- it all went wrong, started bleeding!

8. Then when dry I etch out the lights and forms hit with light with my surgical blade

9. Enhance the drawing lines again

10. Finally do some last bits of etching.

Monday, 8 December 2008

"It's ALL over now.........." 6" x 8", Acrylic on gessoed card, 2008

This is another transformation, I have gone straight with acrylic here for most of this painting.

1. I sketched her face in, with the TOM BOW dual felt pen (dark grey)

2. I then went straight with a direct painting technique of shapes of colours, not paying attention to details ( Broad Brush Strokes)

3. I added detail to the shapes of colours (Smaller Brush Strokes)

4. I tried to recover some of the drawing with Wolff's carbon pencil(4B) that I purposely wanted to show in the final work

Then without the reference sketch, I combine some subtle strokes around the painting with some overstatements in the hair to keep the semi abstract nature of that area alive!