Tuesday, 17 February 2009

The Casual Onlooker, 9" x 12", Mixed Media, 2009

This transformation was very fresh in my memory, I sketched this guy today on my way to my studio, so immediately I got to my studio with his image still fresh in my mind I go on to produce this transformation thus:

1.I painted the gessoed card with an acrylic warm base of cadmium yellow, burnt sienna and white

2. I sketch main features with burnt sienna, I love the contrast.

3.I then start adding the basic flesh tones, first starting with the mid tones, the darks, then lights.

4.It is looking balanced value wise now, need to add details......

5.I almost end it here, but with just acrylic, I don't feel I have captured this guys spirit, he looks too casual.

6.I spice it up with some coloured pencils

7.Still lacking enough spice, I work into it to get back some drawing lines and darks with my Black Biro.

8.Then finally I add some highlights with oil pastel sticks

9. He almost still looks casual, I have to stop or I'll end up making him even more casual.


Fito said...

Bravo!! excellent work!!

adebanji said...

Thanks Fito!

Carolann said...

I really enjoy looking at this blog as I am interested in capturing faces. I learn a lot by just seeing how you use different media to get the essence of the person. Also how you place the head and the colours used. It is very helpful how you explain your working methods. Are you an art tutor?

adebanji said...

I am happy you enjoy this blog especially this post.

I am an art tutor not in an established academic setting but I teach drawing and painitng classes privately.

Fito said...

would at some time like to be able to give I classes, until recently estube in a fixed use in a corporation carried out to me like illustrator, but they have dismissed to me, I am trying to sell some of my original illustrations and I have already sold three to buyers in Spain but is a little complex the collection since they must deposit in an account of my son, the one to give class is something that I have been having in mind for a long time, your DAS classes in your house? or in special site the suitable premises? , a Fito hug

Chad Wallace said...

Really great work! Thanks for sharing your process, very interesting.

adebanji said...

Thanks Chad!

adebanji said...

Fito, Thanks for your comments earlier on, but I didn't quite understand what you were trying to say, maybe because of the translation thing. Please try and email me in the language you are conversant with and I will use the translator to read and reply.