Wednesday, 14 January 2009

"Remembering what he told me", 5" x 7", Mixed Media on watercolour board, 2009

This is another transformation, I can vividly remember sketching this girl because I sketched her this month. It was an evening in the train and I was on my way to London Bridge. My eyes just caught her green and black hair.

I have gone about this one as follows.

1. Sketched her face and main features with H pencil (very hard pencil)

2. I then use a wet on wet technique with watercolour to almost finish this piece in watercolour, but when it dries I am not happy with the fussy wet on wet look.

3. Then I decide to add some details with a carbon pencil, still not good!

4. I introduce water resistant wax crayons and I seem to enjoy the intensity and spontaneity it gives the piece

5. I continue working all over the piece with the wax crayons in an excited passionate way, stroking haphazardly.....

6. I throw in some detail around the eyes and mouth with coloured pencils.

7. Then I finish off with some black accents of the carbon pencil again, need to stop as it gets to point I don't know where to put the next stroke!


Jaycee said...

The transformation is unbelievable!

adebanji said...

Thanks Jaycee!

Sheila said...

This is an energetic and vivid piece. Her calm demeanor is contrasted with your wonderful strokes of bold color (love the hair). I keep forgetting to check this blog. I LOVE how you explain your working and thinking process with us. Thank you Banji!

adebanji said...

Cheers Sheila, You are welcome! I alawys run away from posting here because it is a great challenge to paint from a sketch with no colour reference but each time I do one I learn a great deal!
Thanks for taking time to visit and comment, it's encouraging!

r garriott said...

Your work is beautiful! I really like how you've shown the sketch and then the final piece. It's amazing how you fill in the color.

Thanks for your comment on my Photoshop Tips. I hope you will find them useful.

James Parker said...

I am finding so many creative artists blogging around, I'm gonna add 2 more hours to my day. But yours I'll make time for. Great work...and the title enhances it...opening gateways into speculation of what tenderness or torment may be lurking beneath that serene facade you have depicted

adebanji said...

Thanks RG and JP I really appreciate your comments!

JP your analysis always freaks me, great stuff!